Real Life Love Doll Synthetics sex Dolls – Karine 138cm

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Product Description

Height: 138cm
Neck circumference: 26cm
Arm length: 36cm
Palm length: 17cm
Medial thigh length: 64cm
Thigh: 24cm
Calf length: 40cm
Feet long: 18cm
Thigh circumference: 38cm
Calf circumference: 26cm
Shoulder Width: 34cm
Chest: 74cm
Bust: 65cm
Waist: 54cm
Hip: 75cm
Thickness: 19cm
Weight: 25kg
Package size: 135 * 45 * 30cm


The great part about Synthetics sex Dolls is that you can take a stab at anything utilizing them. For instance, a man can touch, nestle, push, or make them lay in the doggie style so that a man can get delight from them by embedding’s their masculinity far into their butt. Synthetics Dolls are additionally made with areolas and boobs that you can suck and press solidly. Accordingly, with it you won’t stress over the fit of rage that is dependably the case with genuine ladies. One might say that these silicone sex dolls will give additional bit of fulfillment and delight to your ordinary style of masturbation. The dolls that you will pick will swing to be your sex mate in bed.


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